Me: *Walks into hotel room*
Japanese Diplomat: Hello, my name is Khairoji. I am from Japan, but I am Indonesian. My English not good.
Me: Konichiwa, my name is Damiyr. My Japanese is not good. But, I am from the States. You are Indonesian?
Khairoji: Yes.
Me: Are you Muslim?
Khairoji: Yes..
Me: Me too!
Khairoji: *surprised smile*
Both of us at same time: Asalaamu Alaikum!
Khairoji: *Points to his skin, and then my skin, and shakes his head*
Khairoji: *Points to His heart, and then my heart* and says:
Khairoji: Brothers.
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We humans are wiser than any other, but want to be chosen for the way we look. And yet, the simplest of flowers knows to dread the day it might be picked for its beauty.

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Favorite Artists (music)?

Kanye West, Bob Marley, Andre 3000, the Weeknd, Vampire Weekend, Damian Marley, Adele, Daft Punk, Fall Out Boy, Mumford and Sons, Zac Brown Band, Lady Antebellum, Drake, a lot of stuff.

I could survive off of the first three though.

egyptianexplosion replied to your post: egyptianexplosion replied to your post…

Ah okay. You need to head to Egypt for some funny terminology and people.

It’s on my list of places to go! Palestinians are an interesting apex of Egyptian and Levantine culture, because I’ve heard “Fil mish mish” originated in Egypt. One of my Egyptian friends described it as “Everyone feels welcome in Palestine.” 

I have Alex and Cairo on my list, anywhere else I should visit?

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I was invited to a World Peace summit, for work with my non profit organization, and will be leaving for Korea on Sunday morning.

Be well in the meantime, and see you when I return.


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egyptianexplosion replied to your post “Do you want to date again?”

Hahaha where did you learn that term?!

I picked some things up when I was in falasteen lol

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History is studied, so that we do not make the mistakes of other people.
Religion is studied, so that we do not make mistakes against ourselves.

A failure to understand the Qur’an as both a religious and a historical text is a failure to understand its words.

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Do you want to date again?

Fil mish mish.

When did ‘alhamdulillah’ become our greatest lie?

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What do I do? There's this guy in my calc 2 class who's really friendly and he waits for me after class every day, and I don't know why he does that but he does. Anyways, he just talks sooo much, and I'm starting to get annoyed but I don't wanna ignore him because I know that would hurt his feelings.

Can you sit in the back of the class and 

But really, if he’s just an acquaintance treat him like an acquaintance. You don’t have to ignore him, but you don’t have to say hi either.