My Friday Night

*Watching Are You Afraid of the Dark Episode from Circa 1998*

Character 1: The only thing scary about computers are the people who use them.

Me *Looks down at laptop in my lap, cell phone in my hand, and then voice commands Xbox to turn down the volume*

Me: Yeah, he’s totally right. This is kinda scary.

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Can you check out "Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus- Nabeel Qureshi" on youtube and tell me what you think about it?

So from what I gather, he was a Muslim, who converted to Christianity, in much the same way I a Christian, converted to Islam. I would love to sit and debate with him, but this will have to do.

So he makes a few claims, but the ones that I’ll address being: that the Bible (from the time it was written) remains relatively unchanged, that the price for leaving Islam is death (and this is agreed upon by all Islamic schools of thought), and that sin in Christianity is an actual separation from God, but sin in Islam is something we can just cancel out by doing good deeds.

- The Bible Remains Unchanged:
The fact that he addresses that it was “relatively” unchanged was enough to discredit this. But as far as proof of it goes, we can look to ancient Christian copyists (those who literally sat and copied the Bible for distribution), and see areas where they have added to and taken away from Christian scripture based on social and theological influences of the time. (More evidence can be found in the works of Bart D. Ehrman, a former Christian and Biblical Scholar).

- The Price for Leaving Islam is Death:
In essence, he’s correct in this point. The price for leaving Islam is death, but only if we’re referring to the era of the Prophet Muhammad. However, Qureshi also makes the point that Islam is not just a religion, it is an identity, and to leave it was betrayal. That is absolutely correct, and in the time of the Prophet (a time of constant war) your religion was not only your religion, but it was an identity, and a citizenship. Nabeel describes leaving it as betrayal, a concept put in simple terms as grand treason. Treason is an act that contributes to the injury of a person’s nation, in a time of war, to leave a country and weaken its resolve is seen as a betrayal. Today, the penalty for grand treason in the United States is, you guessed it, death.

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Now that you've started classes again, what did you do this summer?

I spent time back home in Texas, and met a pretty cool man at the mosque there.

I spent some time in the West Bank visiting different cities in my spare time, and now somehow feel homesick for a place that isn’t my home.

I visited my actual homeland of Antigua, and went to maybe 6 of our 365 beaches. My cousin’s family, and her friend, were visiting Antigua at the same time and I spent some time with her and her one year old baby (about a week ago, she said I took really good care of the baby, and made me her baby’s godfather).

I spent a little under a week in Seattle, and ate some of the strangest/heathiest food ever. Like ever. I ordered a hamburger at the shore, and it was arugula, on a lamb patty, with gourmet cheese. So strange.

I got sick with the chikingunya virus about two weeks ago now, and still have a pretty jarring cough from it.

And now, I just started my last semester of my degree, which for whatever reason God postponed, but I’m glad it’s finally time.

Here’s to a successful future.

There is something that irks me about men referring to women as “females”. It’s something in the way it’s said, that if one could substitute the word “bitches” for “females” it would still command the same point.

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You haven't posted much, how come?

I’m back in Florida, taking classes, and getting soaked in the rain.

I feel like my wife has a lot of flaws, they really bother me. How do I get passed this?

Well, fact of the matter is, your wife probably does have flaws, as we all do. She’ll mess up one day, if she hasn’t already, and her beauty will one day start to show signs of wear. When you start a relationship, it’s easy to see how great someone is, and it’s only after time you see flaws, such as that.

In my last relationship, this is what experience taught me: once flaws start to show themselves, you must learn to see the perfection in them.

Think of a piece of marble rock. Rock itself is never “perfect”. Rocks are chipped, cracked, and torn by the world, and in the same way, so are humans.

But, in the right eyes, a flawed piece of stone can be the material used to sculpt some of the most beautiful things in the world. For example, the statue of David by Michelangelo is one of the most revered pieces of art in the world, held in awe by millions and millions of people, but it’s still made of those same flawed pieces of stone.

I’m not saying you need to sculpt your wife, that is, to change her. I’m saying, see her as the artist would. 

Impatience defeats procrastination.
Jealousy is a testament of love.
Things like that.

In the past, I learned to see that flaws were potentially beautiful; try to do the same.

The Prophet Muhammad said:
If something in her is displeasing to him, another trait may be pleasing.” 

Now, if only the occupation would cease as well.

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Someone had to teach me to be ethnic was okay.

Even though, I am ethnic.

That’s a problem.

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Thank God I live in the time where I can buy pizza, school supplies, and a movie without leaving my couch.

Now, if they would just invent a way for me to download my pizza.

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Where do your closest friends live?

Washington, uhh South Texas, and all over Florida.