Israel Announces New Claims on West Bank Land

A ceasefire in Gaza = A Land Grab in the West Bank

There is no victory for Palestinians.

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My 15 year old cousin has been living with me, in my apartment, for more than the past week now.

  • I’ve been going to class, then rushing home to clean, and make him lunch and dinner, before even considering taking care of my academic responsibility.
  • I’ve watched as I’ve bought food that would usually last me two weeks, disappear in a couple of days. 
  • My skin is breaking out from the stress of seeing my bank account dwindle on the necessities we need, as I anticipate there not being enough for the things we’re used to enjoying.
  • Last night, around midnight, he told me we were out of milk, and so I got out of bed to go to the store to make sure he had milk for the next morning.
  • He’s told me I cook some of the best food he’s ever tasted, but also won’t touch some of the things I’ve chosen to make.
  • He stays up all night playing an Xbox that occasionally wakes me up as I sleep, but I still allow him to play because I know it makes him happy 
  • I am drained after a week, because I have a temporary responsibility over a child.

Thank your parents. For the love of God, thank your parents for everything.

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When did you first meet muslims at university

Umm the MSA held an event for Islam Awareness Week called Myth Busters, way back when I was a freshman. That was the first time I met several Muslims while away at school. But there was also a Muslim girl in my freshman orientation, we ended up registering for some of the same classes and studied together that first year. She was the first Muslim I met after high school. We still say hi to one another, from time to time, despite being pretty far removed.

Assalam. My family has financial problems yet my mum has decided I can stay with them until I finish high school. But my 14-years-old sister hates me. She tells my mum lies about things I haven't done - and when I say I haven't done it, my mum gets mad cause she thinks I'm lying. I fear my sis is trying to get me kicked out of here and she's gonna accomplish that goal. I used to lie a lot when I was younger so I understand my mum and sis. I deserve it in a way. What should I do?

Don’t give your parents any more reasons not to trust you. Be sincere.

Anonymously message me (1) thing you want to know about me.

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Friend: We can't settle for women not worth it
Me: Agreed.
Friend: So we're not gonna get engaged until good women come along, and we're more mature, and we have money to blow on them.
Me: Okay, also agreed.
Friend: Cus' women are crazy, and need time to mature too.
Me: Tell me about it.
*2 Months Later*
Friend: Hey man, I'm getting engaged
Me:'re not serious
Friend: Yeah man, I'm going to Jordan next week
Me: Say wallah, SAY WALLAHI AZEEM (Say I swear to God, Say I swear to God the Almighty)
Friend: Wallahi Azeem!
Me: Dude.. you are such a traitor.
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"Beware of glancing at women, and glancing again, for this sows lust in the heart, seduction enough for him who does it."

- Jesus (AS) related by Abu al-Hasan al-Mawardi

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My Friday Night

*Watching Are You Afraid of the Dark Episode from Circa 1998*

Character 1: The only thing scary about computers are the people who use them.

Me *Looks down at laptop in my lap, cell phone in my hand, and then voice commands Xbox to turn down the volume*

Me: Yeah, he’s totally right. This is kinda scary.

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Can you check out "Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus- Nabeel Qureshi" on youtube and tell me what you think about it?

So from what I gather, he was a Muslim, who converted to Christianity, in much the same way I a Christian, converted to Islam. I would love to sit and debate with him, but this will have to do.

So he makes a few claims, but the ones that I’ll address being: that the Bible (from the time it was written) remains relatively unchanged, that the price for leaving Islam is death (and this is agreed upon by all Islamic schools of thought), and that sin in Christianity is an actual separation from God, but sin in Islam is something we can just cancel out by doing good deeds.

- The Bible Remains Unchanged:
The fact that he addresses that it was “relatively” unchanged was enough to discredit this. But as far as proof of it goes, we can look to ancient Christian copyists (those who literally sat and copied the Bible for distribution), and see areas where they have added to and taken away from Christian scripture based on social and theological influences of the time. (More evidence can be found in the works of Bart D. Ehrman, a former Christian and Biblical Scholar).

- The Price for Leaving Islam is Death:
In essence, he’s correct in this point. The price for leaving Islam is death, but only if we’re referring to the era of the Prophet Muhammad. However, Qureshi also makes the point that Islam is not just a religion, it is an identity, and to leave it was betrayal. That is absolutely correct, and in the time of the Prophet (a time of constant war) your religion was not only your religion, but it was an identity, and a citizenship. Nabeel describes leaving it as betrayal, a concept put in simple terms as grand treason. Treason is an act that contributes to the injury of a person’s nation, in a time of war, to leave a country and weaken its resolve is seen as a betrayal. Today, the penalty for grand treason in the United States is, you guessed it, death.

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Now that you've started classes again, what did you do this summer?

I spent time back home in Texas, and met a pretty cool man at the mosque there.

I spent some time in the West Bank visiting different cities in my spare time, and now somehow feel homesick for a place that isn’t my home.

I visited my actual homeland of Antigua, and went to maybe 6 of our 365 beaches. My cousin’s family, and her friend, were visiting Antigua at the same time and I spent some time with her and her one year old baby (about a week ago, she said I took really good care of the baby, and made me her baby’s godfather).

I spent a little under a week in Seattle, and ate some of the strangest/heathiest food ever. Like ever. I ordered a hamburger at the shore, and it was arugula, on a lamb patty, with gourmet cheese. So strange.

I got sick with the chikingunya virus about two weeks ago now, and still have a pretty jarring cough from it.

And now, I just started my last semester of my degree, which for whatever reason God postponed, but I’m glad it’s finally time.

Here’s to a successful future.